The announcement of Martin and James’ first album has gained a lot of attention. The band will be performing music from their new album ‘Lux Occulta’ on a big US tour.

Martin and James are an English songwriter who together have written more than 60 songs. With the help of AI technology, they can now generate a massive amount of content, complete with musical and lyrical details, with just one click.

Martin and James are known for their catchy songs. They launch the world tour that continues until early 2014, after which the band will take a break for some time.

The success of Martin and James is a natural consequence of their strong personalities, contagious energy and wide-ranging musical taste. The band have been praised for their “excellent mix of lyrics, music, style and attitude” on the Billboard website.

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Martin and James are a duo from the UK who have been working together for over 20 years. They have released 3 albums and 3 EPs. Their latest album “Wherever We Go” was their first since 2013. In 2014, they toured Europe with David Bowie for the tour of his musical “The Next Day”. From 2010 onwards, Martin has also been working as a solo artist whilst James is studying law at Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

Martin and James are two of the most popular artists in the world. Their fans are everywhere, and their ‘live’ shows are ever-popular. They announced a big US tour which will take them to South America, Europe, Asia and Asia again.

“Martin and James is a Canadian based indie-pop band. The group consists of brothers Mark Martin and James Martin, their sisters, Kate McMaster and Marielle LeBlanc, as well as Bonni Eaton. They have released three studio albums; “The Night of the Gemini”, “the Way It Is” (2010), and “The Geese” (2011). All three albums were produced by Vinegaroon Records’ Mike Crossey.”

First of all, the title is a bit misleading. Neither Martin nor James are in any way related to Martin & James, the band that is famous for having a song called “Mysteries” and an album called “The Mystery”. The band is named after the music video for this song by the same name.

This blog post updates related with Martin and James tour dates and other information about their music as well as updates on most of their albums.

*** This blog post updates related with Martin and James tour dates and other information about their music as well as updates on most of their albums ***Martin & James – announce album and big US tourThe announcement was made on May 23, 2018, with the release date set for June 24th in Los Angeles via Sony Entertainment Japan.

The release of album ‘The Night Is Still Young’ marks the end of a long time for best-selling American rock quartet without any break.

This is a link to the official music video of Martin and James announced as the new band, who are on their first American tour in 3 years. The video also contains some background information about them and their work.

Martin and James announced their upcoming album and their brand new UK tour.

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The first big tour of the two musicians was in 1991 when these were two teenagers from the UK. The goal was to promote their then-new record “Out Tonight”. It became one of the most successful tours in music history, surpassing even stadium shows with its 2 billion sold records worldwide. The second tour featured other British bands including Oasis.